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What are the functions of a cat tree as a home decoration?

A cat tree, also known as a cat tower, is primarily designed as a functional and practical piece of furniture for cats. However, it can also serve as a home decoration in several ways. Here are some functions of a cat tree as a home decoration: Overall, while a cat tree primarily serves as a functional piece for your cat, it can also contribute to the aesthetics and style of

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What is a cat scratcher?

A cat scratcher is a furniture or accessory designed specifically for cats to scratch on. It provides cats with an appropriate surface to engage in their natural scratching behavior while protecting your furniture, carpets, and other household items from damage. Cat scratchers are typically made from materials that attract cats, such as sisal rope, corrugated cardboard, or carpeting. They often come in various shapes and sizes, including upright posts, horizontal

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Why is cat tree expensive?

Cat trees can be expensive for several reasons: 1. Quality and Durability: A well-made cat tree is constructed using high-quality materials that can withstand the wear and tear of active cats. Sturdy materials like solid wood, sturdy platforms, and durable scratching posts increase the cost of manufacturing. Higher-quality materials ensure the cat tree lasts longer, making it a worthwhile investment. 2. Design and Features: Cat trees come in various designs

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Is cat tree safe for cats?

Yes, cat trees are generally safe for cats when used properly. Cat trees are designed with feline behavior in mind, providing them with a dedicated space to play, climb, scratch, and rest. The structure of a cat tree often includes platforms, scratching posts, hiding spots, and sometimes even toys. These features mimic a cat’s natural environment, allowing them to engage in instinctual behaviors. Cat trees are made from materials that

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Does my cat really need a cat tree?

Having a cat tree can provide several benefits for your feline friend, but whether your cat truly needs one depends on various factors. Here are some reasons why a cat tree can be beneficial: While a cat tree is not an absolute necessity, it can be a valuable addition to your cat’s environment, particularly if you have limited space or if your cat doesn’t have access to outdoor areas. Providing

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Functions of Cat Scratching Post

A cat scratching post serves multiple functions for feline pets. Firstly, it allows cats to satisfy their instinct to scratch. Offered surfaces for scratching, which helps prevent cats from damaging furniture, carpets, or other household items. Secondly, a cat scratching post helps promote healthy nail maintenance. Cats’ nails can become overgrown or ingrown if not properly maintained. Regular use of the scratching post allows cats to shed the outer layer

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Yes, Please feel free to share us your design detail and we will make the sample first for you to confirm it. And then make the bulk order production.

Yes, Please provide your warehouse address and we will caculate the total cost for you and shipping to your warehouse.

Yes, We can make the DDP shipment according to your requirement, And please advise your address and we will deal with everthing. 

After-sales service for our cat trees ensures customer satisfaction post-purchase. We provide support, addressing queries, concerns, and maintenance needs promptly. Our commitment extends beyond the sale, offering assistance, guidance, and solutions to ensure a fulfilling and enduring customer experience.

Assembling our cat trees is straightforward and hassle-free. Each tree comes with comprehensive instructions, making the assembly process simple and efficient. No specialized tools are required, ensuring an easy setup for your convenience.

Our cat trees are designed to support varying weights, typically ranging from 15 to 50 pounds, depending on the specific model. Each tree is constructed with sturdy materials to ensure stability and safety for your feline companion.

Our return or exchange policy allows you to return unused items within 30 days of purchase for a full refund or exchange. Items must be in their original packaging. Please refer to our website or contact our customer service for detailed instructions and eligibility criteria.

For the safety of your pet, we recommend periodically checking the stability of the cat tree and ensuring all components are securely fastened. Avoid placing the tree near edges or unsteady surfaces. Supervise your cat’s initial interactions with the tree to ensure safe usage.

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